On 12/10/2016 13:56, Daniel Campbell wrote:
> My birthday's coming up in 10 days and my SO and others are wanting to
> know what to get me for my birthday. I'm slowly growing tired of trying
> to keep my desktop Gentoo machine lightweight and "clean", so it'd be
> fun to hack on a little computer that I could possibly DIY a case or
> other arrangement for. Maybe a file/web server, or a "freetoo" machine
> where I can experiment with being rigidly FSF-APPROVED or other fun
> shenanigans.
> I've looked around at the Raspberry Pi 3, the Pocket CHIP (I also have
> PICO-8 and am hacking something for it), the Pi Zero, and have heard
> about the Beaglebone and Arduino, though isn't the latter meant for more
> interactive or robotic thing due to the large array of IO pins?
> If I had the right tools or gadgets, creating my own UMPC would be
> really fun.
> At a minimum, I would prefer HDMI instead of composite or VGA, though it
> could be headless and I just use SSH or an Adafruit LCD.
> Any opinions or use cases and stories would be much appreciated. I would
> prefer running Gentoo on it, but Debian, Mint, or Slackware would be
> tolerable.

Those devices are dirt cheap, ask for one of each :-)

Alan McKinnon

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