On Wed, 2016-10-12 at 14:24 +0200, Andy Mender wrote:
> Dear Daniel,
> You're correct, Arduino is for tech projects. Not much of an actual
> "computer",
> because both the processor and amount of RAM are too weak. However,
> there is
> a new board that supposedly runs a full-blown FreeBSD 3.x version.
> Cannot find
> a link to the blog entry now, sorry :(.
> I would recommend taking a look at the Beaglebone Black boards. In
> some cases
> they're more potent than a standard Raspberry Pi. Since you mentioned
> being FSF
> friendly, does Raspberry not use a Broadcom chip for graphics?

Mesa now supports the Broadcom VC4 chip.  Check out the github link
below for more info.


> The default will almost always be some sort of Debian-based distro.
> There is a Gentoo
> ARM project, so you could have a look whether it complies with your
> expectations :).
> Best regards,
> Andy Mender 


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