> I've looked around at the Raspberry Pi 3
> [...]
> I would prefer running Gentoo on it
> [...]
> Any opinions or use cases and stories would be much appreciated.

well I'm running Gentoo on a Raspberry Pi 2. Getting Gentoo basically
running on it wasn't too hard. There's some good information on the


I got the Raspberry primarily for multimedia type of applications and
experimentations. In the end I ended up with quite an array of extra

- a good USB power supply that can provide at least 2.0 A which is
- a 32 GB microSD card for holding the (mostly) read-only part of Gentoo
- a 16 GB USB drive for holding read/write partitions like /tmp which
  speeds things up a bit and improves the lifetime of the microSD card
- the official raspberry pi touch display
- a USB wifi WLAN/Bluetooth dongle for wireless connectivity
- a USB soundcard, because the onboard audio on the Raspberry has a
  terrible sound quality

These are my experiences:

- compiling your own Kernel for the Raspberry can be challenging until
  all devices are running as expected.
- compilation for the Raspberry for Gentoo is *very* slow even with
  using distcc to distribute the load on bigger machines.
- all kinds of file system writes tend to be slow due to the of memory
  devices used (microSD card, USB flash drive).
- the touchscreen works fine so far even with the touch and some basic
  gestures working. Some special drivers from Gentoo Portage overlays
  are required, however.
- booting is acceptably fast. I'm running an X server and fluxbox as
  window manager. It's finished booting after about a minute.
- I got hardware accelerated video decoding running but it was a real
  pain. The broadcom graphics chip is only supported by either a
  proprietary video player or by the gstreamer framework. I think I
  compiled gstreamer and OpenGL/Mesa stuff for days in different
  configurations until I got something out of it.
- Getting a fast and fully featured web browser for the Raspberry is
  something I've still not achieved. Currently I'm running firefox on it
  which is unbearably slow.

So in conclusion it's a fun embedded device to work with. It was not too
cheap (especially because of the touchscreen). I use it regularly for
listening to music or watching short videos. It's too slow, however, for
web browsing and much interactive/GUI use. Compiling software on it
requires patience. And getting all the drivers and devices working in
the first place can be a challenge.

Best regards


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