My birthday's coming up in 10 days and my SO and others are wanting to
know what to get me for my birthday. I'm slowly growing tired of trying
to keep my desktop Gentoo machine lightweight and "clean", so it'd be
fun to hack on a little computer that I could possibly DIY a case or
other arrangement for. Maybe a file/web server, or a "freetoo" machine
where I can experiment with being rigidly FSF-APPROVED or other fun

I've looked around at the Raspberry Pi 3, the Pocket CHIP (I also have
PICO-8 and am hacking something for it), the Pi Zero, and have heard
about the Beaglebone and Arduino, though isn't the latter meant for more
interactive or robotic thing due to the large array of IO pins?

If I had the right tools or gadgets, creating my own UMPC would be
really fun.

At a minimum, I would prefer HDMI instead of composite or VGA, though it
could be headless and I just use SSH or an Adafruit LCD.

Any opinions or use cases and stories would be much appreciated. I would
prefer running Gentoo on it, but Debian, Mint, or Slackware would be
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