On 10/12/2016 05:38 AM, Daniel Quinn wrote:
> A while back I looked into a similar setup and was frustrated with the
> hacker-esque nature of these tiny machines.  They typically don't come
> with a case, sometimes not even with power, and getting a working Gentoo
> setup was likely going to be an effort I didn't want to spend.
> So I ended up buying an Intel NUC: basically a tiny main board with a
> CPU in a small simple square case + ram (you pick) + a hard drive (SSD
> or HDD, you pick).  It has HDMI or VGA out, sound, a few USB ports and
> on-board ethernet as well.  Getting Gentoo up & running on it was
> painless once I turned of UEFI (it makes my head hurt).  Details on how
> I did it all was here: http://danielquinn.org/blog/gentoo-on-the-intel-nuc/
> It'll cost you more than a Pi or some of the others, but it's basically
> a tiny, quiet, whole computer, so the hassle is probably greatly
> diminished.

I have two Intel NUCs and was able to install gentoo with UEFI with no
issues, this was about two years ago.

They're great little machines, and mine both have IR built in (I use
them primarily as mythtv-frontends). Do be aware if you boot in non-UEFI
modes on these machines you lose hardware acceleration for video, which
is why I fiddled with it over a half day and got it working.


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