On 2018-04-07 17:12, Floyd Anderson wrote:

> But I like the faster development/release cycle, the goal to clean up
> the 20 years old code base and some features [1] of NeoMutt,
> e.g. Lua-scripting, sidebar; which sometimes find their way into
> Mutt. I have no experiences contributing patches to Mutt but regarded
> to NeoMutt, it meet my expectations and that is fun.

I have tried contributing enhancements (the same ones) to both projects,
and in the end I had to give up in the case of mutt and I maintained
them as private patches for a while.  Then I learned about neomutt
(seriously, I didn't know about it!) and they were accepted right away,
after a style pass.

mutt places very large weight on backward compatibility (and when a
troglodyte like me says this, it really means something!)  I don't mean
it as a value judgment, just pointing out there is a difference.

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