On 2018-04-08 13:16, Mick wrote:

> > And yet - after I am finished reading an email, I am used to returning
> > to the message index by pressing 'i'.  This no longer works in (Gentoo's
> > version of) mutt 1.9.4.  Instead one must press 'x'.  It's driving me
> > crazy.
> Interestingly, my mutt shows a message saying "No news server defined!"
> for a few seconds and then returns me to the index.  Usually I press the
> down arrow to read the next message and so on until I run out of new
> messages to read, which then also returns me to the index.

I mostly use down-arrow _if_ the mini-index area tells me that the next
message is unread.  If it is not (which can happen with sorting by
thread-date) but I can see the next unread message in the mini-index, I
jump to it with Control-N.  Only if I cannot see the next unread item in
mini-index, I drop back to full index (with 'q')  and pick the one I
want to read next.

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