> None of the others took down the system for a whole week, that was
> actually bad, the others, well... (in my mail I started with "only one
> really serious outage", the rest talked about "one trouble" in fact, I
> should have been more clear

Fair enough, "serious outage" is relatively open to interpretation; I would
consider anything that delays / blocks a release a serious outage (which
would give us two or three in four years). But yes, this last outage has
definitely been the most severe.

to avoid leaving side to misinterpretations, need to learn to read a few
> more times mails before sending them on this list).
After-the-fact clarifications work fine too.

> I am personally more concerned about changing how we host artifacts than
>> changing mailing lists. I think we would probably be OK to remain with
>> SourceForge for hosting the mailing lists, given that it would be a very
>> disruptive move.
> Works for me


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