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> But, really, how astonishing. Why on earth didn't the BBC go the whole
> hog and allow the lossless music to be stored for 30 days?

This is another 'test' in official terms.They are assessing the ways it can
be done, how much would increase the loads on their systems, what demand
there may be, what user reactions are, etc. Along the way they are probably
tweaking and trying to find what works best in terms of the serving

Although no-one has explcitly said it to me, it is implicit that this test
will end and *then* someone will decide when and *if* to make it standard. 

If - as I hope - it becomes available as 'standard' then it is likely that
it will duly be spread to 'on demand'.

But at present its essentially being done for test and evaluation purposes.
The Proms are probably useful as a time of relatively high demand for R3.


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