I' ve now switched to using the new version of GIP and using the 'DASH'
approach for fetching. Many thanks for the new version. :-)

For TV this works fine. And for *most* radio it also works fine. But since
I'm writing this you'll have guessed there is a trailing, "...however..." 

Using " --type=radio --mode=daf " I can get 320k aac from R4/3 fine. But
when I tried some World Service examples ('More or Less") they came as 96k
aac. So far I can't find a sign or way of getting them as 320k.

I'm pretty sure I could get 320k from WS in the past. And the last time I
checked, Scotland was still within the UK. So am I doing something wrong,
or has something changed, or do I mis-remember... or is there a way now to
get 320k from WS?


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