Since the beginning of April the above programme has not been downloaded by GiP, as follows:

> perl <path>\ --profile-dir=<path> --type radio "5 Live Science" -g

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30065: 5 Live Science - Buying Breast Milk Online, BBC Radio 5 live, m00161g8
30066:  5 Live Science - Science in Film, BBC Radio 5 live, m001682t
30067: 5 Live Science - Hot Cross Puns: Easter Science Q & A, BBC Radio 5 live, m0016jdn
INFO: 3 matching programmes

WARNING: No media streams found for requested programme versions and recording modes. WARNING: The programme may no longer be available - check the iPlayer or Sounds site. WARNING: The programme may only be available in an unsupported format (e.g., Flash) - check the iPlayer or Sounds site.
WARNING: If you use a VPN/VPS/Smart DNS/web proxy, it may have been blocked.

[repeated for the other two episodes]

Going on to the BBC website reveals that the above programme IDs lead to pages saying 'Sorry, this episode is not currently available", for example ...

... but clicking the podcast tab on that page reveals that there are so-called 'podcast' editions of the missing programmes available ...

How can I make GiP find these 'podcast' versions as well as or instead of the 'normal' downloads which are no longer being made available? (The above command-line with the --type parameter excluded or set to 'podcast' both fail.)

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