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>On 18/04/2022 19:54, fred.d wrote:
 >>> On 18 Apr 2022, MacFH wrote:
 >>> ... it finds all the previous versions before April this year that  >> 
 >>> I've already downloaded, listened to, and then deleted, and I don't  >> 
 >>> want to waste my bandwith downloading 550 or so programmes that I've  >> 
 >>> already heard.
 >> On your point about recursive - By default GiP will tell you that  > stuff 
 >> you have downloaded has "already been downloaded" and not  > attempt it 
 >> again (download_history file in your profile directory is a  > record 
 >> of...). So if you have a series or parent PID that's recursive  > this 
 >> should be really simple.

> You've failed to notice that the podcasts have different PIDs from the 
> episodes previously downloaded, so they'll all download again.

I've use the --pid-recursive option with a series pid for multiple podcast 
series and the individual episodes certainly do not have different pids from 
those already downloaded. My scheduled GiP runs just download the latest 
episodes. If you are experiencing episodes being downloaded time and again the 
I would suggest you either have the --force option on somewhere or your 
download history is being cleared.


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