On 18/04/2022 13:53, Mark Carroll wrote:

On 18 Apr 2022, MacFH wrote:

Since the beginning of April the above programme has not been downloaded
by GiP, as follows:

  > perl <path>\get_iplayer.pl --profile-dir=<path> --type radio "5 Live
Science" -g
... but clicking the podcast tab on that page reveals that there are
so-called 'podcast' editions of the missing programmes available ...


How can I make GiP find these 'podcast' versions as well as or instead
of the 'normal' downloads which are no longer being made available?

https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer says, "podcasts directly via
PID or URL". Indeed, for the latest, if I try,

        get_iplayer --pid=p0c1g25k

then it downloads just fine. Hope that helps.

Oh yes, I can download them via the PID, indeed have already done so, but that requires a specific extra command over and above my daily run which searches for, among other things, 'Science'. Further, I'd have to look up the PID of each new episode, because if I try ...
        --type radio --pid p02pc9ny --pid-recursive
... it finds all the previous versions before April this year that I've already downloaded, listened to, and then deleted, and I don't want to waste my bandwith downloading 550 or so programmes that I've already heard.

What I was asking is how to make GiP *find* them for itself?

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