> Incidentally, I'm -going- to write a scale-target for GGI.  Any
> suggestions on what I should base it on?  Currently I'm looking at palemu
> but I don't like it.  

Depends on how you want to implement it. There are two conceptually different

1. Scale-while-drawing: For that I'd use the "sub" target as a starting
point. This allows to kind of "accelerate" the drawing (by hooking into
all drawing functions) and will get better results for stuff like CAD, 
but can cause funny effects with read/modify/write style access.

2. Draw-in-membuffer-then-scale: The tile or palemu-target might be a good 
base for that. A nice thing would be, if we could integrate it with the
multi target, or at least allow its semantics. It would be nice, if one
could do something like:

GGI_DISPLAY="scale:(memory:-scale 2:kgi:-scaleto 1024x768:X)"

Which should use the memory target as "primary" drawing target that e.g.
gets set to 320x240 by the application. This output is then scaled by 2 
and placed on a kgi visual and scaled to 1024x768 and sent to X.

> Target-writing is a royal pain!

Not really. Takes a bit to get used to it, but ... :-).

CU, Andy

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