> I think to solve this really bad issue, to write a DRI-target for GGI,
> which checks if fbcon is already used or not.
> If fbcon is used, the DRI-target should redirect to the fbdev-target to
> start the XGGI-Server, otherwise...

> Ooops - may be I am wrong above with my suggestion with a DRI-target
> for GGI... :-(

Steal the code form X DRI servers. 

> OTOH Linus will learn with the time. In the future when DRI is in the
> standard kernel and on the linux kernel list comes more and more reports
> about security and stability problems, Linus can't no longer ignore that.
> Then perhaps there is a chance to get Steffen's KGI into the kernel...

DRI is already in the 2.3.x kernels. You are right. GGI was right about
the need for a graphical console. Now their is fbdev. So in time things
will be done right. Evolution ensures the survival of the fittest. 

Someday I hope to see KGi in the kernel but thats some time away.

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