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> As soon as I can successfully do a 'cvs update -PAd' without timing out
> I'll pick it up.  (no idea.  My ISP seems to be having a problem with
> this).

I use to have these problems, too, and they seem to be realted to our 
repository, as other repos work fine for me. For me, it helps to tune 
down the MTU of my LAN that leads to the gateway with 
ifconfig eth0 mtu 1400.

If you don't have a gateway in between you might need to set mtu options on
pppd or whatever you use to get on the net.

I haven't bothered about it much until now, as I thought it was a local 
problem, but in the meantime I completely switched the software opn my 
gateway, and as it still doesn't work right ...

CU, ANdy

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