I wrote:

> clubneon:
> > Just like 1 indexed arrays.  ;P
> You probably have rulers start at 1 then ;-) I prefer my rulers to start
> at 0 though :)
> Wouter

Oops, misread that as 'I just like 1 indexed arrays. Sorry.

Btw, on a more on topic topic. I mentioned I missed a detach function
for GII inputs. Did it go unnoticed or what? Marcus? 

Another thing: in a recent snapshot I got the message 'GII not installed
correctly'. I tried built GGI/GII on OpenBSD & FreeBSD. I couldn't
understand what was going wrong (used the --with-gii etc for configure).
Then looked at the configure script and saw it would always show this
message! Ok, so I typed gmake and it all went ok. So perhaps a bug in
autoconf? (there's certainly a problem with autoconf (at least premade
configure scripts) with e.g. threads not being recognized on fbsd) which
btw prompted me to make sys-config (autoconf replacement the right way,
i.e. predetermined system values). I'll release that soon and gauge the


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