It's been 3 days since the apocalypse and all goes well.

I've sucessfully run dual monitor support by buying 2 matrox mileninum 200SD 
cards, and ramming them in the same system, then booting a 2.3.3x kernel 
with all the matrox stuff enabled.

i then ran a "tile" demo spanning the monitor test pattern accross 2 
screens.  way cool.

It does crash my system/keyboard when i try to quit the test pattern, but 
that's probably cuase i'm using a old library.

Now, on a more phychotic note...  I read a note about somone sticking a ps/2 
keyboard into thier ps/2 mouse port, and getting it to work.  A employee has 
just told me that his computer shop has instructed him to ram his ps/2 
keyboard into the serial port on his windows 98 machine. From a hardware 
perspective will this work?  if so, could we use this as the cheapskates way 
of testing the multi-keyboard code?  (USB keyboards cost around $60 each... 
ps/2 keyboards are usually laying around with systems being tossed for free)

>From: John Fortin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Please.... Enough....  I get enough off topic stuff as it is...

happy new years john!


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