Julien Tayon wrote:
> XGGI will be running on a video
> wall, the name of the product is elixir and the vendor (our client) is
> synelec.

For those interested, http://www.synelec.fr/ should provide
some info.

> I would like personnaly to thank everybody for having been so nice.

Tu rigoles... (How do you say 'You must be kidding...' in German,
Andreas ?)

> I'll unsubscribe in 24 hours or so.

See you later Julien, whether around a TNT2, or a
drinkable device. And thank YOU for the real work. :-)


PS: I realize I owe many beers to many people on this
   list. A KGI/GGI workshop is starting to be really

FPS: Au fait, a Toulouse, je suis dans l'annuaire, Julien.
 Ocazou. :-)

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