For I am leaving my compagny, I will leave you.
I am sorry, I couldn't respect my word concerning the photos, but for
the one that would come to the linux expo in France the product will be
exposed at the stand of my former firm. XGGI will be running on a video
wall, the name of the product is elixir and the vendor (our client) is
I would like personnaly to thank everybody for having been so nice. 
I may come back, for I'd like to developp a TNT2 driver, but it'll be on
my own. I would like to know if someones knows how to have the specs?
I don't know if I'll do it with kgi or framebuffer.

I'll unsucribe in 24 hours or so.
My personnal in-between e-mail is [EMAIL PROTECTED], it is too
slow to bear a mailing list, so I'll have to have a job or a modem
before suscribing another time :)

Julien Tayon

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