Hi Julien !

> For I am leaving my compagny, I will leave you.

We are pretty sorry to loose you, but we sincerely hope, that we will meet
again. Your contribution has really been appreciated.

> I am sorry, I couldn't respect my word concerning the photos, but for
> the one that would come to the linux expo in France the product will be
> exposed at the stand of my former firm. 

Someone there to take a pic ? The expo staff offered my firm a booth, but
well ... I'm somehow getting along - I'm not Rockefeller :-).

> I'll unsucribe in 24 hours or so.


> My personnal in-between e-mail is [EMAIL PROTECTED], it is too
> slow to bear a mailing list, so I'll have to have a job or a modem
> before suscribing another time :)

I'll keep a note on that ...

O.K. - Bye for now and thanks for all the fish !

CU, Andy

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