Okay, now something serious.

I want to know if there are enough people seriously interested in a
meeting (i.e. are thinking about coming) for me to organise something. 

Please let me know if you are interested to come, (maybe with some
comments on time, date, place, etc..) so I can consider what to do.


My ideas so far:

Friday April 21st - Monday April 24th (it's a far travel for most people,
so it is nice to have some time). This is Easter - weekend, so most people
will be free then. Longer is no problem for me, maybe we can insert some
days after.
Place: Eindhoven. 

I got a location in the center of town where we can drop computers, 
have access to much beer and other drinks. Local network facilities : 10 /
100 MBit UTP, Internet: 56K6 Modem (still looking for a way to get 100MBit

Railway station with very good connection to Germany (Koln) and rather good 
connection to Belgium (Liege or Antwerp) available. Airport for
charterflights available, good international highway connection. I'm still 
thinking where I can let people sleep, depends on the number of
subscribors. There are many hotels within 500 m of the location above, but
of course I try to arrange something free.
Program: Still to find out. Ideas:

GGI demo / software demonstration
Programming courses
Availability to program / discuss programming problems

A good night out in Eindhoven

Anything that you want and doesn't remove Eindhoven from the world-map :)

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