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> Christoph Egger wrote:
> > >       Not yet.  The best existing examples are the 'zbuffer' and 'debug'
> > > modules.  I'll try to get a real skel.c written soon.
> > 
> > But IHMO the way of implementation the module concept is bad. I think the
> > modules should be self-running programms and they use shared memory for
> > communication. This will have this advantages:
> > 
> > - better scaling on SMP-machines
> well, wrt to scaling I think the best thing you can possibly do is to use a
> producer/consumer architecture in conjunction with a thread pool. The idea is
> that if you only have one CPU, you probably don't want much context switching
> (which would be necessary for either multiple processes or threads) so the one
> thread could simply process the tasks as they show up on the various task queues.
> In a nutshell, using a thread pool makes scaling simple: use as many threads as
> you have CPUs.

Yes, that is, what I thought too.

> > - when a module crashs, the application will continue - without the
> >   functionality of the crashed module
> How *can* the application continue running without reconfiguring the pipeline
> to bypass the misfunctional module ?
The application itself can _never_ do this. LibGGI3D itselfmust handle
this with a clever signal handling...

> > - much less name space problems
> > - Debugging can be done much better
> > - LibGGI3D can be much easier ported to other platforms
> > - modules can be developed and tested indepently from the developing of
> >   LibGGI3D itself.
> All true. With my proposed task / thread pool approach you can test individual
> tasks. If you have some acceptor which's responsability is to take the task out
> of the task queue and feed it into the module's input stream, you may just for
> testing drop the threading stuff and just feed whatever data you want as the input.
> debugging then means simply to compare the output stream to whatever you expect to
> come out...


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