I found that standard GGI line clipping getting perpetual loop with some
arguments. It was while using these arguments: 568, 383, 49360, and 1234 for
clipping area 100, 3, 1019, 766. May be it was different because I found it
written in my notebook but sure only for 90%. Anyway it was close enough. It
happened because of overflow in line formula.
Solution is: just break the perpetual loop. It's not necessary there.
Also I found that Matrox G100 acceleration is slowly than software drawing.
That's it.

Best Regards, Dmitry Semenov
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On 2000/Jan/27, Steffen Seeger wrote:

> > Dynamic assembly code generation for rasterization is not yet included,
> > making software rendering performance slow.
> Interesting, we came about the same technique as SGI:
> The GGL code in KGI-0.9 was a code-study how to dynamically

        What do you refer to with GGL? :)
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