On 2000/Jan/28, Steffen Seeger wrote:

> > > The GGL code in KGI-0.9 was a code-study how to dynamically 
> >       ^^^
> >     What do you refer to with GGL? :)
> This was meant to be a experimental Generalized GL implementation.

        In KGI? Is there something working for an S3 Virge card that I can
test on my machine?

> It's development is currently halted due to lack of time on my part. (I know of

        Where can I found more documentation on this project?

> the GGL Project, so I will probably have to choose another 3-letter word.)

        Well, it would be very difficult to convince GGL guys to change our
name, only to convince them to change the logo was very very difficult
(before we had a penguin taken from the GGI page and all the people confused
it with a crow :))
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