teunis wrote:

>> Why don't you just use a file-stream and leave buffering to the libc ?
>It's handy for overriding to read from sources -other- than files? :)
>(ie: network connections [okay poor example], messaging systems *giggle*,
>WWW connections....  preformatted files ie embedded WWW or gzipped... :)

Seconded. But normal stdio access needs to be supported (as default), as
otherwise "normal" usage would be unneccessarily complicated.

>Oh yeah, and you can support 64bit access too.  For files >2GB in size :)

If stdio & the underlying FS don't support 64bit access, then it doesn't
make much sense to use it anyway. After all, where do you want to store
these 2GB? ;)

>> > +/* FIXME: compiler fails on using this with: "sizeof applied to an incomplete 
>type" */
>> > +#define NUM_FILE_TYPES    (sizeof(file_type) / sizeof(struct file_type_op_t))
>> You need to have a complete prototype for file_type_op_t included before you
>> can use sizeof.
>Unless it's a (void*)....  which is how I normally HANDLE it *giggle*

but sizeof (void *) isn't exactly what he wants here ;)


Daddy what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?

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