On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Andreas Beck wrote:

> > > Hmm - I'd like it better, if it would read only P?M and use ppmtools to
> > > convert any other format as required.
> > I'd prefer PNG myself. 
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        19408 Mar 21  1999 /usr/bin/djpeg
> > And I can't afford the 100Megs it takes to store the ppmtools.
> You only need to install those you need ...

Since when?  You always have to compile everything.
Maybe that should be something that gets attacked GGI-style.  Make a nice
config script and controllable install of ppmtools :)

Be handy.  Especially with people with -very- little HD space and need
only of one or two tools.  (this is why I'm annoyed with ppmtools... I
rarely have space to play with them....  or at least not 'til now :)

> > (ie: network connections [okay poor example], messaging systems *giggle*,
> > WWW connections....  preformatted files ie embedded WWW or gzipped... :)
> These can all be trivially handled by simple filters using pipes, which is
> very very simple using popen. It's the power of unix to be able to pipe 
> stuff around.

I don't know the difference between using FILE* and file handles.  I
always use file handles myself as I'm frequently multitasking and passing
things like sockets and the like around.

Oh, and there should be a way to pass FILE* or file-handles (preferably
file-handles) to file-target in GGI.  That way, the program can send data
to it invisibly :)

Just because FILE* can't talk to databases or 64bit files or embedded WWW
pages or ....  doesn't mean it can't be used :)


YOU try playing with an uncompressed high-resolution scan > 80 megabytes
in size.  Then watching subprograms create temporary copies.

VERY pet peeve.

(even worse when working with movies...  when the results compressed are >
2 gigabytes.  *ow*)

Anyways, that's all.  This is the... uh... 10th or so time I've written
this message and I'm getting a little tired of pine losing it on me.

G'day, eh? :)
        - Teunis

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