> > Hmm - I'd like it better, if it would read only P?M and use ppmtools to
> > convert any other format as required.

> I'd prefer PNG myself. 

But PNG is complicated (compared to PPM which is really as trivial as any
picture format could be, i.e. PNG would require using libpng to avoid
lengthy coding on our own ...), and regarding size, I see no problem in 
sending you

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        13628 Sep 20 19:28 /usr/bin/pngtopnm

> Or JPEG.  Or better, both.

Which blows up the size of the target and its external dependencies. 
It can again be handled by 

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        19408 Mar 21  1999 /usr/bin/djpeg

> And I can't afford the 100Megs it takes to store the ppmtools.

You only need to install those you need ...

> > Why don't you just use a file-stream and leave buffering to the libc ?
> It's handy for overriding to read from sources -other- than files? :)

Umm - using read() in an internal implementation isn't quite a good 
substitute. I'd say readibng from a FILE * is more powerful usually.

> (ie: network connections [okay poor example], messaging systems *giggle*,
> WWW connections....  preformatted files ie embedded WWW or gzipped... :)

These can all be trivially handled by simple filters using pipes, which is
very very simple using popen. It's the power of unix to be able to pipe 
stuff around.

CU, ANdy

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