"David A. Bartold" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I dug into the paint core to see what needs to be changed to support
> drawing on textured media.  Here's the basic modifications necessary:
>   * enum BrushApplicationHardness:
>     Add a new value "TEXTURE" which applies both pressure and
>     texture to a brush mask.  It doesn't make sense to apply
>     only texture.  Rationale: much of the realism afforded by
>     textures is due to the interaction between them and the
>     pressure an artist exerts on the medium.

I don't know how your stuff will work, and how you "apply pressure" in
your code. but, as I wrote in my other post, using a brushpipe for the
textures would maybe help with this, too as you could use changing
textures with regard to the pressure applied (or e.g. tilt)

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