"David A. Bartold" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The brush pipe idea sounds interesting as it'd support tilt.  That'd
> be useful for modelling textures that have larger features than
> the tool size.  I could see the benefit there for simulating drawing
> on corrugated cardboard.  For finer textures (i.e. paper) one mask is fine.  
> The texture code would modify the brush mask at runtime using the current
> texture and pressure.  Higher pressure desposits more pigment into the
> deeper crevases of the texture.  Is there a practical benefit for storing
> multiple copies of a texture for differing amounts of pressure inside a
> brush pipe file?

yes. a) not another special case

     b) you can easily implement any function between pressure and
        change-in-texture without changing the core

     c) not another special case.

I don't know what Sven and Mitch are currently planning to do, but
from my limited insight into paint core I would propose a general
mechanism to provide color/texture/brush/pattern depending on the
current input parameters (so having a single pipe interface that can
be subclassed to provide all relevant dataobjects for painting in a
dynamic way). just a thought...


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