"David A. Bartold" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm not convinced creating bitmaps specific to certain values of
> parameter subsets (such as angle, pressure, velocity, random, ordering, 
> etc) is really the proper solution.   It works okay if you want to change
> a tool depending on the value of one variable, but each time a parameter
> is added, the number of bitmaps increases manyfold.  Basically the
> whole mechanism explodes in an exponential disaster. ;)

you are right. period.

But that leads to the question, if the whole pipe mechanism shouldn't
be expanded in a general way. I think of something like this:
Currently we have a multi-dimensional thing, where each point in that
space is represented by a bit/pixmap.

What I think of is the possibility to map a dimension to a supplied
function instead of giving the pixmaps explicitely. One could think of
something like threshold, rotating, scaling e.g. 

This should of course be coupled with a LRU Cache of the generated

Just a wild thought too early in the morning (OK, it's 12.20 now, but
still too early for me)


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