29 февр. 2016 г. 11:35 пользователь "A. da Mek" написал:

> For an average user, GIMP already has everything what
> we need. But it does be a shame that many of us were
> forced by this unfortunate change to revert to 2.6.

Many of who? There is no indication whatsoever that the group of people who
reverted to 2.6 is any large.

> But the serious harm is that when we upgrade to 2.8
> and see that "save" does not behave in the expected,
> logical and traditional way (as it ever behaved in
> previous versions and as still behaves in other
> applications (for example Inkscape)),

Inkscape developers are considering the very same change: save only to SVG.

> then we consider this version broken

If I may just ask, could you please drop "we" and start talking in singular
noun please?

> But as I already said, this would be not much important if the users were
properly informed about this contra-intuitive change.

They were.

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