On 25 May 2001 10:29:43 -0400, Carol Spears wrote:

> I hate when I have to wait for a lot of crap to load when I need help
> NOW(!) because someone thought it important for me to know he liked the
> tutorial.  I prefer to assume that the people who are running the site
> already knew that it was a good tutorial and that is why it can be found
> at gimp.org.

It doesnt necessarily mean that the page loads slow. The comments could
also be on a separate page of course, like most news sites do. I know
www.userfriendly.org is stupid in that sense (showing the comments in
the comic page) but that doesnt mean we should also be stupid :-)

> Maybe there should be a separate gimp site for the windows users. The
> windows users are so different than the linux users.  They don't mind

They are? The gimp is just identical on windows anyway.

> But I don't understand this new web stuff.

Then dont worry about it :-)


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