Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> After looking at the code I (supposing that app/tools/gimpclonetool.c is not 
> so different from app/clone.c) my question is:
> - Should the definition of the source layer be made from the clone or from 
> the layer dialog? 
> Is seems easier to insert, within the layer dialog, a radio button that 
> selects which layer is used as the source. This may be a bad idea as I am 
> making a more global change.

don't even dare to think changing the layers dialog would be easy ;-) But 
then Mitch managed to rewrite it in a much saner fashion for gimp-1.4 ...

> Using the clone dialog will imply that a "complicated" dialog, nearly 
> replicating the layer dialog, needs to be built for the clone tool.

I'd prefer the solution to add a drawable_menu to the clone tool's dialog.

I'm not sure if we already have code in gimp HEAD to create a container
of all drawables. If we have, the menu to choose the source drawable from 
can be done with a few lines of code using a GimpContainerMenu. 

> On the other hand, using the first alternative, the choice of the source may 
> be used for other tools (e.g. to cut and paste from layer A to layer B, we 
> work on layer B, setting the source on layer A and it would not be necessary 
> to switch layers).

If you can come up with an intuitive way that doesn't clobber the layers
dialog, we should consider such a thing, but IMO your approach of having
toggle buttons in the layers dialog will confuse most people.

Salut, Sven
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