[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-10-06 at 1136.51 +0200):
> > I think that small graphics could be used to great effects -- to make your
> > graphic look like <graphic>, use the bumpmap plugin.  OK, it would take a
> > little more text than that to make it work well, but you get the idea.
> perhaps I'm imaging something wrong here, but I think graphics would be
> overkill for the tips. Stuff like this belongs to the help pages if you 
> ask me. It would probably help to allow links to help pages in the tips
> dialog and it would also be much simpler to implement than text flow 
> around image boxes (unless you want gimp to depend on gtkhtml2 for the 
> tips).

Graphics have a "small" problem: if it is not 110% clear, you need to
add text to explain it. That is why "Cut text" can be understood
better than "8<" icon. Here they do ads that way, a text with words
and some images. In the end, you waste time "reading" or just ignore
the ad.

Another thing, "cut the selection" is way better than "'dotted square'
then 8<" or "r then C-x" cos people can see and remember what they do,
while the others just show the graphics or the keys that can be
different from one place to another, but not the real thing that will
always happen and that should be easier to remember.

It is teaching in a way that people will never investigate, nor
develop their own methods. Bumpmap can do different things, but you
only show one, and at least you have to show the original items
(bumpmap and target layer). Or to translate things to / from other
apps, cos tutorials that tell you "click here" are a pain to port to
GIMP, but those that tell you "we do this" are not, so tips that
follow the trend would hurt more.

OTOH, having a "tell me more about this" that links to tutorials on
help system, webpage or any other docs would be nice. There you will
be able to show all the steps, comment all the options to reach some
point, put anims, show input values for the example and recommend
ranges for others cases... I see (properly done) tips as that, tips,
to give small concepts, maybe be the trigger some sparks in the mind
of the reader, not more.

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