Continuing Bolsh's thread...

My current project is to proofread all the strings in the program.  I am
trying to standardize things like proper use of "plug-in" so the user is
presented with a consistent use of language in the interface.  I am also
trying to improve standardization of strings as much as possible and
make sure that error messages to the user can actually make sense to the
user.  In the course of this, I am also helping to standardize the use
of g_warning and g_message and what things are used for %s is bug
messages.  I am currently working in app/gui.  I intend to also do all
the existing plug-ins when I eventually have time.  If any plug-in
maintainers want me to send them patches before committing, I would be
happy to do so. Just let me know off list at some point and I will make
myself a list for when I get around to them.

After I get through everything, I will try to actually look at the
interface and help to standardize capitalization and such to make things
consistent.  I am not a UI designer though so won't be moving things
around or anything. I just want the user to be handed something

Marco Wessel (CyBeR) is helping me a lot so I have to bug Mitch and Sven


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