I'm currently working on two fronts:

 - a framework to handle configuration files (gimprc, sessionrc ...)
 - improving the Text Tool

I got a bit stuck with the latter, but I hope the next version of
Pango will be less buggy (working on a patch right now), so work
can continue. It will certainly take more time.

The configuration framework is still being designed in my head. At
the moment my plan is to create an interface (whee, GObject has 
interfaces) with default implementations to serialize and deserialize
object properties. For the gimprc object, a class hierarchy of config 
classes will be created (base-config, core-config, gui-config) so
all configurable options are defined as properties and can be 
serialized and deserialized using generic code. The same generic code
can be used to read and write the session info and the plug-in rc.
Some example code can already be found in app/config. It is about 
to change a lot though.

Salut, Sven

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