On Tue, 04 Dec 2001, Nick Lamb wrote:
 > Maybe I said this before, I can't remember, but "the standard" for trying
 > to describe generic metadata is Dublin Core. So before burning too much
 > midnight oil trying to organise metadata into neat categories at least
 > type "Dublin Core" into a search engine. Even if one decided that DC
 > itself was inappropriate for Gimp it does slice the cake up very neatly
 > and you can re-use that hard work :)

I am quite familiar with Dublin Core because a part of my work
involves dealing with "semantic web" and other funny things like
CC/PP, UAProf, UDDI, WSDL, ...  But this is a solution to the wrong
problem.  My goal is not to invent new ways to organize the metadata.
I simply want to be able to parse, modify and save the metadata that
is already defined in some standards such as EXIF and TIFF/EP.

If recommend that you have a quick look at the document describing how
EXIF data could be stored in PNG files.  This document is available
from http://pmt.sourceforge.net/exif/drafts/d020.html.  It already
contains a long list of tags that should be supported.

 > Oh, and if someone actually defines some metadata standards for Gimp
 > above and beyond those already described in the documentation for
 > parasites then I will do what I can to help implement them for PNG,
 > TIFF, PCX and any other file plugins I've been maintaining in the past.

Nice to know...  ;-)

 > BUT we need a metadata editor, just a simple little thing with N text
 > entry boxes that lets you change the metadata while changing the data
 > (as one would expect) rather than hacking it into each and every file
 > save dialog. Just IMO of course.

This is exactly what is proposed in bug #61499.  Take a look at this:
See also bug #65181, which includes a small screenshot from PSP.
It would be nice to have a plug-in that attaches itself to the menu
entry <Image>->File->Properties and allows the user to view and edit
the metadata in a user-friendly way.


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