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> On  5 Dec, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > it might be a good idea to keep the help pages in a format that can
> > be read with standard browsers ?!
> XML is a standard, if you have Mozilla for instance you can the the
> transformations in realtime; that's not my point though. At the moment
> it seems like overkill to fire the DocBook source through Jade, import
> the HTML file by file into the GIMP tree just to have the helpbrowser
> or a different one decipher the crappy output. If we could browse the
> source directly on any platform and get additional features we'd be
> way off and if someone actually cares about HTML pages he/she should
> feel free to get the HTML package or PDF or whatever.

Perhaps this is an option if we can list all the main Operating Systems
that The GIMP is used on, and locate a common application accross all of
them that can adequately render XML. Linux -> Mozilla, Windows -> I.E.
etc. (making the rash assumption that all Linux users have Moz ;)

There's been the on-going suggestion from bex (Rebecca) that we look
into existing help-browser projects and perhaps even ScrollKeeper if it
isn't too heavy. How do people feel about this idea?

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