> On  5 Dec, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > it might be a good idea to keep the help pages in a format that can
> > be read with standard browsers ?!
> XML is a standard, if you have Mozilla for instance you can the the
> transformations in realtime; that's not my point though. At the moment
> it seems like overkill to fire the DocBook source through Jade, import
> the HTML file by file into the GIMP tree just to have the helpbrowser
> or a different one decipher the crappy output. If we could browse the
> source directly on any platform and get additional features we'd be
> way off and if someone actually cares about HTML pages he/she should
> feel free to get the HTML package or PDF or whatever.

what would be the additional features you have in mind here? I don't
see any advantange in relying on advanced capabilities in the help
browser. I agree however that shipping the HTML with the sources is
not a perfect solution. Converting at installation time is an option,
but then it adds a new requirement to the build environment and I
doubt that a lot of people have a working featureful XSLT processor
installed. It is probably a good idea to continue to do the conversion
when packaging the help tarball (on 'make dist').

Salut, Sven
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