On  5 Dec, Sven Neumann wrote:

> what would be the additional features you have in mind here?

Options would be reformatting of the layout to fit the screen layout
better or making it easier to read for vision impaired by applying
additional rules. Also the level of detail could be easily changed
say like removing warnings and or screenshots to just get a reference.
Possible would be also the search for special attributes or tags like
dynamically generating an index of all documented menu entries. This is
only possible with the markup in the DocBook source.

> I agree however that shipping the HTML with the sources is
> not a perfect solution. Converting at installation time is an option,
> but then it adds a new requirement to the build environment and I
> doubt that a lot of people have a working featureful XSLT processor
> installed.

Especially since good ones are still rare/buggy/dog slow/<insert your
favourite hatephrase here>.

> It is probably a good idea to continue to do the conversion
> when packaging the help tarball (on 'make dist').

This wouldn't make a big difference for us, except we find some way
to adapt the HTML output to the C-Source by referencing the XML links
in the C-Source and having an intelligent script which sorts out the


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