GNOME has been working on a new help browser that works with XML and
scrollkeeper directly. It is worth checking.  Also worth a look is the
project David Merril is working on that will make it possible to use the
XML files and Scrollkeeper stuff with any browser. It is called
Scrollserver I think.

If necessary, I can try to track down more specifics. Both projects
sound good and they are worth looking at rather than continuing to
maintain our own help browser. It should provide the functionality we
require along with lightening the burden on the GIMP hackers.  We could
still ship an HTML version with the Windows and Mac and whatever
releases and provide a tar of the HTML for download on  I
think it would be nice to work directly with the XML for the user,
especially considering some of the added features things like
Scrollkeeper offer.  Scrollkeeper is allegedly being coordinated with
KDE people and such so offering our help in that format should make it
easier to integrate with preferred systems.  The Scrollserver thingie is
supposed to be pretty fast and convert the things on the fly.  David
Merril  (sorry if I am spelling it wrong) is doing it so help can also
be used with lynx or any browser. 


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