> I REALLY REALLY need a plugin that mimics the "Contact Sheet 2" plugin 
> for photoshop.  The Gimp is awesome, fills a lot of my requirements, but 
> without the plug/script I still need photoshop.

Do you use the GIMP on Windows? Is "Contact Sheet 2" a filter plug-in
(and not Format, Automation, or umm, don't remember the other types)?

In that case there is good news: I recently wrote a GIMP plug-in
called "pspi" that runs Photoshop plug-ins. (Only Filter type
plug-ins, i.e. *.8BF files.) Check the
www.gimp.org/win32/new-downloads.html page tomorrow for new zipfiles
of GIMP 1.2.3 for Windows, which should include this plug-in. Don't
hesitate to ask me more how to use it.

Pspi seems to work OK with most 3rd party Photoshop plug-ins I have
thrown at it. It does not work with the Adobe plug-ins included with
Photoshop itself which is expected, I guess. These use undocumented
interfaces or something. (Hmm, isn't that a bit the same tactics that
Microsoft is accused of using? Nah, not really, Photoshop isn't an
operating system and its plug-ins aren't freestanding applications,
Adobe has no obligation to make sure its plug-ins run with competing
Photoshop-compatible programs.).

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