Robert Starr writes:
 > I'd like to talk a bit about this "Contact Sheet" and see if anyone on 
 > the list has any comments.

 > 1-Select Contact Sheet
 > 2-Dialogue appears asking various options:
 > [...]
 > That's about it, you hit create and it grabs the files, one at a time 
 > from the chosen directory, shrinks them into thumbnails and places them 
 > on the contact sheet according to the number of rows and colums.

Umm, yes, this definitely is not a Filter type plug-in, so you won't
be able to run it in GIMP through the pspi plug-in. Maybe it's an
Automation plug-in?

 > So, can this be done in the GIMP?  Can it be scripted or is that
 > too complicated a procedure?

Presumably something like this might be scriptable with script-fu?
Hmm. Except that maybe there is no exposed way to do readdir() and
stat() type stuff from script-fu? From Gimp-Perl it certainly would be
possible, but that won't help you as Gimp-Perl hasn't been ported to


For batch image conversion and similar tasks, it is always suggested
to use ImageMagick instead of GIMP. I wouldn't at all be surprised if
ImageMagick had this functionality?  Check If
ImageMagick does what you need, I don't think there really is much
sense in writing a script or plug-in to do it from GIMP, as this
basically is a batch job -style task and not interactive image


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