At 08:16 AM 12/22/2001 +1000, Robert Starr wrote:
Here's the lowdown:

>1-Select Contact Sheet
>2-Dialogue appears asking various options:
>  a- directory/folder containing images to be placed on the contact sheet
>  b- resolution of the contact sheet to be made
>  c- dpi of the contact sheet to be made
>  d- # of rows and columns in the contact sheet
>  e- on/off for font option (this is whether or not you want the filename 
> under the image, and if you do, the font choices)
>That's about it, you hit create and it grabs the files, one at a time from 
>the chosen directory, shrinks them into thumbnails and places them on the 
>contact sheet according to the number of rows and colums.

         You can do this using the mogrify command from ImageMagick - and 
now that IM supports XCF files - you can even use your native GIMP files...


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