On Fri, 2002-01-11 at 19:01, Chandhaketh Nutthavudh wrote:
> Hello there:
>    I'm currently developing a photoshop-liked's Terazzo for Gimp and willing 
> to distribute it soon. One choice is to distribute it with gimp registry 
> website and I'm also considering the possibility to bundle it with Gimp 
> distribution.But what should I do? and who should I contact? Any condition 
> my plug-in should meet? Please help me.

I cannot answer this in any official capacity, but I hate seeing a mail
sitting there unanswered, so I will try to help.

The best choice right now is the gimp registry.  There is currently no
good plan for plug-in inclusion in future gimp releases. We need a good
plan.  Although your plug-in may be very useful, as many of them are,
including EVERYTHING in GIMP makes it large and may turn off some
users.  The advantage of the registry is that users can add only the
plug-ins they actually want.  Some system to ease incorporation of
additional plug-ins for users is needed.  Also some standard needs to be
written to explain what determines when a plug-in is included in GIMP
releases and when it is not.

I think we've been kicking this issue around for a while.. Anyone ready
to start hammering something out before 1.4?


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