Also sprach GSR:

> How would you handle compilation, btw? There is no binaries provided,
> and the compilation is not unified at all (some work with gimptool,
> others use auto* tools, some do not compile with version x.y, etc). If
> you can convince everyone to use the same methods, it would be
> easier.
> Hint: all those people that complain cos do not know how to compile,
> could use their social skills to politely make requests to coders, and
> also make a status list (who coded what, who is in charge now, what
> mail address is valid now, what webpage...).

A problem I see with gimptool is its requirement that everything 
fit in one file.  While this may not usually be a problem for 
plugins, there are some where it makes sense to break things up 
a little farther, with header files, etc. But YMMV.

The real issue is easing the installation process for newbies 
and non-programmers.  To my mind, that suggests at least a set 
of README and INSTALL files in the plugin tarball, with 
instructions to run either ./config or gimptool as necessary.  
This puts the onus of usability back on the plugin writer, where 
it belongs.  Is there an autoconf tutorial out there anywhere?

> The bottlenecks will be compilation and network, not the logic glue,
> IMO. Also, some plataforms do not include / have easy access to Perl
> or compiler (more things to add to "you need this list of devel
> packages to get this filter running").

I haven't tried installing any plugins from packages (RPMs, DEBs 
etc.), mostly 'coz I prefer to build everyting from source.  The 
plug-in registry is immediately available from the <Tools>
/Xtns/Web Browser menu, of course, but this doesn't address the 
newbies' problems.

> A global solution is hard (binaries for everyone or enough logic to
> cope with most problems in a heterogenous environment), and the half
> solution is already there (you can install, you just need to know what
> you are doing or pay / bribe / abuse someone to do the maintenance job
> for you).

And I'm not even sure where to start to approach a "solution". 
Suggestions, anyone?

> Yeah, it looks bad... but many times the topic has appeared, and many
> times the things have followed more or less in the same state. :[


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