> Being a newbie I'm not even sure really where to begin but maybe with a 
> bit of direction I could attempt something like that.

Check out CPAN, the equivalent for perl. the differences to gimp would be:

- different meta-data format. the world has xml, which is useful for it. a
  good idea on what's required could be the OSD format.
- gimp's version should be commandlien based as well as gui-based.

> I know I could probably do it in Perl but that would probably be a bit
> slow.

My webserver (in perl) is way faster than apache and thttpd ;) In any
case, the network itself wouldn't become faster by using another language,
so the major obstacle for this is ease-of-use (yet another _must_
dependency, difficult especially for windows, since nobody ported gtk-perl
yet) and the fact that gimp isn't really perl-friendly.

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