[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-01-11 at 1220.31 -0600):
> How about something that could connect to the plugin registry from within 
> Gimp so users could see all plugins availiable, get a description, and 
> install plugins they might want by just clicking a button. 

How would you handle compilation, btw? There is no binaries provided,
and the compilation is not unified at all (some work with gimptool,
others use auto* tools, some do not compile with version x.y, etc). If
you can convince everyone to use the same methods, it would be

Hint: all those people that complain cos do not know how to compile,
could use their social skills to politely make requests to coders, and
also make a status list (who coded what, who is in charge now, what
mail address is valid now, what webpage...).

> Being a newbie I'm not even sure really where to begin but maybe with a 
> bit of direction I could attempt something like that. I know I could 
> probably do it in Perl but that would probably be a bit slow.

The bottlenecks will be compilation and network, not the logic glue,
IMO. Also, some plataforms do not include / have easy access to Perl
or compiler (more things to add to "you need this list of devel
packages to get this filter running").

A global solution is hard (binaries for everyone or enough logic to
cope with most problems in a heterogenous environment), and the half
solution is already there (you can install, you just need to know what
you are doing or pay / bribe / abuse someone to do the maintenance job
for you).

Yeah, it looks bad... but many times the topic has appeared, and many
times the things have followed more or less in the same state. :[

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