On 11 Jan 2002, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:

> The best choice right now is the gimp registry.  There is currently no
> good plan for plug-in inclusion in future gimp releases. We need a good
> plan.  Although your plug-in may be very useful, as many of them are,
> including EVERYTHING in GIMP makes it large and may turn off some
> users.  The advantage of the registry is that users can add only the
> plug-ins they actually want.  Some system to ease incorporation of
> additional plug-ins for users is needed.  Also some standard needs to be
> written to explain what determines when a plug-in is included in GIMP
> releases and when it is not.
> I think we've been kicking this issue around for a while.. Anyone ready
> to start hammering something out before 1.4?
> bex

How about something that could connect to the plugin registry from within 
Gimp so users could see all plugins availiable, get a description, and 
install plugins they might want by just clicking a button. 

Being a newbie I'm not even sure really where to begin but maybe with a 
bit of direction I could attempt something like that. I know I could 
probably do it in Perl but that would probably be a bit slow.


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